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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Slow like George Clooney

So I'm running a little slow at the whole Blog posting thing. It could be worse.

I'm going to try to ID 6 weird things about myself like Ang and Mel and Natalie and so many have already done. Bear with me, I'm normal. (Right Ang? Right!!!??)

1) Matt's theme music.
When I was younger and living in California, I always either walked to school or rode my bike. This is in elementary school mind you. It was a pretty long walk, but I was short back then, so it took what seemed to be forever. Anyway, enough set-up: I always created theme music in my head. When I was walkign to school I'd imagine I was the central character in some really cool action movie or show. Maybe I'd borrow the A-team theme or Night Rider or even MacGuyver, but I had music running up there. That continued into middle school when I'd walk or take mass transit. And it would reappear any time I visited the trainyard on weekends to hang out.

2) How do you listen to music??
I can sing the lyrics to a lot of songs, but I usually have no idea what they mean or what the song is about. When I listen to music or songs, it seems my brain is always focusing on the arrangement and the instruments and such. I focus on the lyrics as a part of the song becasue that's usually where the melody comes from - so I think that's how I can sing the words. Anyway, I'm always deconstructing. Always seeing how the different instruments interact with eachother and picking apart each individual performance. This comes in handy when I want to sing or whistle something back. I can whistle the main part of most songs I've heard, including fills and instrumentals.

3) Playing with trains or being a craftsman?
I will "play with trains" until I die. Or until I can't see anymore. I used to feel guilty about not going out on a Friday night with high school friends becasue I wanted to go up into the attic and work on a model. I guess you start "playing with trains" and you can elevate it into an art form. Laugh away, but we call it "craftsman modeling." There's something great about dreaming up a structure, building it almoist from scratch, and then making it look so real you can't tell the difference. I often thought building models for movies would be an awesome job. But then I'd have to live in Hollywierd. So anyway, I still "play with trians."

4) Typing flaw?
When I type on the computer I look solely down at my keyboard and not at the screen at all. Maybe I'll check it if I think I made a mistake. I also type mainlywith my index fingers and thumbs, but I can rival most 10 fingered typists for speed. Hmmm. When I read stuff on the internet I aslo have to highlight text with my mouse and then unclick it and just keep doing that. I don't highlight what I read, I just highlight stuff.

5) Holiday Overboard
When Haloween rolls around I don't want to sit at the door and give away candy - I want to create a haunted house (or church) that has spooky things people cant figrue out! It's got to be realistic! For Christmas I need to create something way over the top and try to keep it tasty as well. Though Ang and I will definitely end up disagreeing on what "tasty" is. But we're not decorating a tree - no way - we're decorating a few trees and then doing the outside of the house up! Yeah!

6) Theme time
If I could live in a Disneyland enviroment or a hollywood set - I would. I love theme environments. I like them to be real - but to be completely out there. Some of that comes from Disney, some from parks as a kid and a lot from the House on the Rock. One reason I bought the church/house is becasue it is wide open and lots needs to be redone. I wanted the openness so that I could create something insane. I wanted the basement to be like walking down backstreets in the city. What!? Yep. Signage, outdoor lighting, brick weathered exterior etc. I wanted out entryway to have 2 story fake trees and a waterfall and be forever set in "night time" with darker blue lights and fake firefly's that glow. Insane? maybe. Wierd? I like to call it "unique."

As a bonus bit of "wierdness" I will add that I have already built a 1:18 batmobile:

Dave, the designer for Hotwheels/Mattel who designed the car off the WB's original told me this model is "how it should have turned out." That was a cool feather in the hat.

And I will build the car in full size as well :) Like mi amigos Kevin, Jack and Rusty from CLTC (who are each working on their own). Below is a replica:


Blogger Heth said...

Your wierd things are cool. Well, except for the highlighting the text thing...that one IS wierd.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Okay, fine, so you're not as weird as I am. That highlighting thing is funny; I guess I've seen you do it. Is it a COMPULSION? Maybe you have Obsessive-COMPULSIVE Disorder. Oh, wait. That's me. Well, you're definitely unique, we'll give you credit for that.

7:17 AM  
Blogger melanie said...

i like your hot grill model, makes me want to go there! i can't wait to see what you guys do with the church, i really pray that you have a lot of fun with it and lots of great memories together! and i envy your and ang's musical gifts, i don't think i could even recognize different instruments, pretty musically challenged..

8:34 AM  
Blogger Natalie Joy said...

Hate to say it, but, sorry you're weird. You and Bill should get together on the music thing. He can do stuff like that too.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

Yeah, they aren't really that wierd. They're fun. I wish I had fun wierd things... instead mine are just wierd.

6:58 PM  

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