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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coincidental thought

What a day. I've had some interesting thoughts over the last few days and wanted to write out at least a couple here. Coincidentally enough, today I ran across a news tidbit that tied in to what I was thinking about. So I think that shall be the impetus for this entry.

Now, for whatever reason, I started thinking about Abraham. It could have been something I caught on the radio, as I've been picking a channel and sticking with it for a few days - Classic Rock, KNWS, KBBG..... Anyway KBBG and KNWS were the last couple, so more than likely, I heard something that got me thinking about Abraham. Anyway, I have no children, so I cannot fully appreciate what it would be like to be told to sacrifice my son. But I started thinking of the same situation with Ang in Abraham's son's place. First off, no matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn't; imagine putting a knife in Ang's chest - regardless of the fact that I was told to. The amount of faith it would take to be willing to do such a thing is unimaginable.

This led to thoughts about hearing from God. Would it be easier if I regularly heard from God? When did God stop communicating with us? It's so much harder to imagine hearing from God and following his instructions when I can't even wrap my mind around hearing from Him in the first place. I've talked to a lot of people about hearing God's will for your life and aving prayers answered. And I believe that God does open and close doors for us. I believe He has numerous ways to get his will across to us. Many times I've had prayers answered in miraculous ways. But to have God SPEAK to you, or APPEAR to you? I couldn't imagine it. (Maybe that says something right there.)

So, thinking of sacrificing my amazing wife pretty much drove home a few deep thoughts on faith and love. Then, wondering about what it would be like to have God speak to you - directly - not through symbolism or signs or things that the secular world would consider "coincidence." You could spend hours thinking on these things. I have.

Then today I happen to see This article in FoxNews. Miraculously enough - or "coincidentally" for you non-believers, a construction operator in Ireland happened to unearth and save a medieval book of Psalms from a bog. I'll paraphrase Pat Wallace, director of the National Museum of Ireland: There are two things that make this a miracle find. The first is that such a book could have survived in a bog. The second is that it would be unearthed and then spotted before it was destroyed.

That was all interesting to me, but here's the kicker... The book was opened to Psalm 83; which is a prayer to God which outlines that Israel's enemies "...have said, Come, and let us cut them off from [being] a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance." Does that sound like it has any relevance to events on the world stage right now? Most of the middle East believes that Israel as a nation does not exist. Listen to the rhetoric from Hezbollah - they would like to erase the Jewish state. Anyway, maybe God doesn't appear to us in visions, and maybe He doesn't speak to us as a friend would. But to think that God doesn't talk to us anymore.... Is purely in our own eyes.

Wet and Wild

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