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Monday, August 07, 2006

Modeling Contest Results

You know, Ang is quite the wife. Seriously. There's all the normal good stuff that you might guess at, but she goes beyond that. For my birthday she got me a model kit that I had mentioned liking - once, in passing - and she waited all day to give it to me. I was very suprised! This was no ordinary kit. It came with a challenge.

The kit was from a small compnay called Downtown Deco, who make model railroad oriented kits from Hysrocal (like plaster). Randy, the owner etc., decided to put this kit out and run a challenge to go along with it. The building is a creepy funeral Home called Grimm's. His challenge was to simply do whatever you wanted to make his kit the creepiest coolest diorama possible. Anyway, the winner would recieve 5 years worth of free kits .

As you know, if you knwo eitherAng or I, we're in the middle of a large bathroom project. I had a couple weeks left before the contest deadline and went to town on the kit, with her blessing. And as the last two weeks approached, I spent the majority of my free time on the kit - not the bathroom. That's pure love right there.

Well, weeks later the results were announced. I wasn't the winner, but oddly enough the winner and I had already talked and shared photos. I came in the 2-4 place spot (the scoring was too close to rank, so Randy grouped.) He also changed the rules and I get to pick three kits for free in the coming years. Very cool. You can see my contest model at my train site and check out pics of the construction process - including the pic of Ang helping me make the roof. It was a fun model to build and I loved building it with Ang. I will always remember building the first kit I've ever done with another person. There is also talk that an article will be put togther for on eof the Model Railroading Magazines covering the winners, so that would be great as well!


Blogger Angela said...

I'll always remember it, too. It was a REALLY hard birthday secret to keep, for sure! But definitely worth the look on your face.

Thanks for the props - I will try hard to live up to all that nice stuff. :-) Love you.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

How sweet. I love how in love you two are. I really pray you keep it and your children are blessed by it. Love the house.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

that is way cool!
good job ang on a unique gift! hopefully you won't be a hard to buy for guy any day soon matt!

7:56 AM  

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